Redbox: FREE DVD Rentals!

These codes are good for a FREE one night DVD rental. ($1.50 value)  If you want a Blue Ray, the $1.50 will apply and you pay the difference.
They are working at the kiosk only.  These SHOULD work thru 2/16.

  • 5DKH9WZQ
  • 29T7MWGX
  • VXHTNG54
  • 92494TK3
  • Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

If you’re not a Redbox Text Alerts Member make sure you text SIGNUP to 727272 to get FREE Codes sent to your phone!

***REMINDER: These codes usually work one time per credit/debit card.


New Pampers Code!

Make sure you have joined first! Then add 10 points to your Pampers Rewards account, by adding this code to your account:  REGWM5U3MRPA7X9
**If the ad link above isn’t working, click HERE.

Even if you don’t use Pampers, you can still earn lots of points from free internet codes just like this one! Their Rewards Catalog is full of free stuff like Shutterfly Prints, magazine subscriptions, various toys, and gift cards, plus much more!

Don’t have a Pampers Rewards account? Click here to get started and receive 100 FREE points just for signing up!

If you want to know more about their Pampers Rewards program, click here and read my previous post. There is also a list of running codes. (If you find any of them expired, please leave me a comment! Thanks!)


Publix: Margaritaville Appetizer BOGO (1/29)


$1.00 off any Margaritaville Seafood itemPublix has the Margaritaville seafood appetizer items on BOGO this week.  They are rather yummy too!  These are not cheap by any means, but when they are BOGO AND when their is a coupon to apply is the perfect time to purchase them!  Check this out:


NEW Coupons Are Arriving!!


$1.00 off any one (1) Alka-Seltzer Plus product


Dunkin Donuts: FREE Beverage! (thru 2/1)

With any purchase, now thru 2/1, you can earn 200 points on your Dunkin Donuts Card or app. This is enough point to get a FREE beverage of any size!!

IF you do not have the DUNKIN DONUTS app, PLEASE click on the ad above to sign up and get yourself set up with the new app and begin earning points!! They often offer points and specials such as this and it is a great thing to have!  You can pay right from your phone!


Swagbucks Day!!

Swagbucks is a loyalty program where you can earn FREE stuff for doing the things you do everyday. PLUS win prizes just by searching the web. And the great thing is, you can use it on your smart phone too! Adding the Swagbucks toolbar to your desktop is also a great thing!! I use mine daily! You can also take surveys, take their daily poll, watch video clips and many other things in order to earn more points throughout the day. I share special codes, (as others do also in our Coupon Group) as I find them that have a limited time frame. If you find one, share it with usl!!! Friday is always MEGA SWAGBUCKS DAY!! You have the possibility of earning bigger bucks for your searching! You know, just the regular searching you do everyday- just use this instead of Google. (PLUS, You get 30 Swagbucks just for Signing up!) Join today! Continue reading


Dunkin Donuts: FREE Beverage!! (Thru 2/1)

With any purchase, now thru 2/1, you can earn 200 points on your Dunkin Donuts Card.  This is enough point to get a FREE beverage of any size!!

IF you do not have a DUNKIN DONUTS card, PLEASE click on the ad above to sign up and get yourself set up with a new card and begin earning points!!  They often offer points and specials such as this and it is a great thing to have!


Kelloggs Family Rewards: 49 Points!

*****All my new couponers, SIGN UP TODAY!!! You must have an account!! You will want all these FREE points!! If you have not already signed up for Kellogg’s Family Rewards, Why not??!!?? :-) You can get exclusive high value coupons and earn rewards from your favorite Kellogg’s® brands. Sign up today! Click on the ad above to sign up!

**Today’s Bonus Code:   HURRAYFORGAMEDAY  -49 points!

Here are a few bonus codes you can enter to get started:

  • GIFTOFMUSICBONUS – 20 points!
  • KFRSHARETHANKS20 -20 points
  • NUTRITIONINABOWL -50 points!
  • GETFUELFORSCHOOL -20 points!
  • BACKTOSCHOOL2014 -50 Points!
  • CEREALANDMILKABC -50 points!
  • ELVESLOVEBONUSES - 50 points!
  • SATISFYYOURTUMMY – 50 points!
  • EATMORECHOCOLATE – 25 points!
  • REWARDSPTSJUST4U -100 points!
  • FRIGHTNIGHTBONUS – 50 points!
  • KFRTRICKORTREATS – 25 points!
  • TWITTERSURPRISES – 100 Points!
  • ENTERNOW4REWARDS -100 Points!
  • FPFFREAKYFUNCODE -100 points!
  • KFRBONUSPTSTWEET -100 points!
  • THANKSFORTHEVOTE -50 points!
  • KFRFEASTOFPOINTS -100 points!
  • ENJOY50KFRPOINTS -50 points!
  • HOLLYJOLLYPOINTS -100 points
  • KFRTHANKYOU50PTS -50 points!
  • KFRTHANKYOU25PTS – 25 points!
  • TOUCANSLOVECOCOA -25 points Exp 1/22
  • QUIZWHIZ50POINTS - 50 points!
  • If any of these are expired, (Some are seasonal) please let me know!


January’s To Do List 2015: End of The Month

It is the end of January and winter is in full swing.  The Super Bowl is almost here and to a lot of you that makes you excited.  To some of us it is just another day. BUT, it does make for some great deals at the grocery store tho!! Right???!!??
But the end of a new month means it is time to do several things:

  1. Check the coupon sites and print anything you might want, as we never know what will be there when they re-set. Sometimes they disappear & new ones arrive, while others re-set and we can print again.
  2. Next, clean out your binder (Or whatever you store your coupons in). Sort thru each pocket and remove anything expired. Remove anything expiring this week into a separate pile. Tidy up each pocket/page and for more info about how I do this, click here.
  3. Lastly, decide what to do with your expired coupons. At the very least, please recycle them and not just drop them into the trash. Our overseas military families can use expired coupons (up to 6 months expired)!! There are various places to donate your expired Q’s to: Coups for Troops: The Carolinas (you can donate directly to an adopted family or mail to their site and they will take care of the rest), OR you can find your local American Legion hall OR VFW (There is one on California Ave) and donate your expired Q’s to them each month. They take care of the clipping, sorting and shipping. (Port St Lucie info.)

Who has already started cleaning out your binder? Anyone? What do you do with your expired Q’s?


Publix: Jose Ole Appetizer BOGO W/ ibotta -$1 Each! (1/29)


$1.00 off (1) Jose Ole Snacks 16oz or largerPublix has Jose Ole appetizers on BOGO this week.  These are perfect for at home lunches or for this weekend’s Big Game.  There are coupons and an ibotta to stack with the BOGO.  Check it out: