TASTY TUESDAY- Recipes To Try 3/26

I have a couple Pinterest recipes to share with you today that we have already tried and found to be yummy!!    I’ll include any changes I made to the recipe, so you can decide for yourself whether to  follow the recipe or make changes.  They are SOOO worth your time to check out!!Ham Sammy Sliders
By Beyer Beware
(These are soooo much like my Mom’s!  DELISH!!!)

*Hawaiian Haystacks
By Picky-Palate
(I made a variation on this back in the fall and they were tasty, but I intend to actually follow her recipe the next time…  I used a tub of BBQ pork, rice, sliced green onion, cheese, pineapple tidbits, & craisins! Pretty tasty. Just needed more sauce/gravy.
Had never heard of them before.  Have you???)


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