IMG_8206I found this idea on Pinterest, of course, and have shared it several times this past week, but if you are interested -for Valentine’s OR any other reason for needing a banner, click HERE.  You print each individual letter separately.  Cut out the triangles and mount them on your choice of paper.  I chose a blue shade, since I was hanging this “I Love You” banner in our bedroom, for my hubby.  It coordinates nicely and isn’t girly.IMG_8212IMG_8213They do have the heart and several punctuation marks available for printing, as well.
Punch 2 holes thru the top of each triangle.  Thread a long length of your choice of string/ribbon/yarn/ etc thru each of the triangle.  I attached it to the end of the curtain rod on each side.  (Pretty hard to get nice pictures with that big ol’ window behind and the light and the shades…)IMG_8215This was done last weekend, when Monkey Girl was gone for 2 days.  I thoroughly cleaned the bedroom.  Dusted, polished, vacuumed, changed linens and then decorated. (Thinkin’ I might keep that banner and use it again next year…)IMG_8216IMG_8214I took some silk rose petals and scattered them on the dresser and on the hope chest across the room.  When Hubs got home from work, I told him to close his eyes and led him in there.  He was surprised and loved it!  Just showin’ my man I love him and only him!

No actual cost involved, as I have the paper on hand from my scrapbooking supplies.  The cotton string was on a vintage roll that decorates my laundry room, I just swiped a few yards of it…

What do you do to celebrate Valentine’s Day?  For your special someone?  Your kids?

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