We began this series on Saving Your Family Money during the Holidays several weeks ago.  To me- it is Christmas, but I know that we have others following along that celebrate other holidays during December.  So let’s see just how we can save during these December holidays.

This week we’ll see how we can save on the Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, decoration, paper products, etc that we need for next Christmas or even for upcoming birthdays.

The biggest way is to shop the clearance sales this week!  I know, it seems so simple, but so many of us don’t do it or we do it for other reasons, like using your Christmas money or gift cards given to you.  BUT, pull out those coupons and print the ones from online and head out…  Plan ahead for upcoming gift giving events and find a hiding place for your stuff!

Just a few examples for you: Publix has their Christmas items and toys at 50% off today.  In the Winter Family Savings booklet, there is a $1 off Toy Q.  They also have a Hallmark BOGO store Q in the card aisle and their paper products will be reduced more and more over the next week or so.  Right there you have saved on some kiddy toy items and next year’s Christmas paper products.  (I bought 4 green chargers for next year and want to get to a different Publix and get 4 more…  $1.09 each.)

If you have ECB or RR from the drug stores that are going to expire, use them on holiday items to put away for later use.  I did that at Walgreens this past week.  I had a RR that was expiring and they had NO other RR to roll it onto, so I bought the 3 toys that were B2,G1 Free and used the RR and some of my BR Points.  Now I have 2 gifts for Easter or birthday for my kiddo and 1 for a nephew.

Lots of major department stores have printable coupons this week and they apply to sale items.  So, check out the list of Retail coupons each Friday and see what you can use.  Check your email for printable coupons for stores that you have registered with, as well.
(I know Macy’s has a $10 off $25 for today and tomorrow only)

Some of your various candy & chocolate coupons are still valid  and can be applied to the clearance sales you will find this week.  Most candy and chocolate can be frozen and used later.  Now, maybe not until next year, but at least for awhile so it doesn’t all disappear this week.

I hope this helps you to save a bit more here and there throughout the holiday season!  Let me know when & where you find great clearance sales!!

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