Lunchbox Ideas 9/26

I know that most of you want a healthy lunch for your kids, but also as frugal as possible, so here are a few more really cute and yummy and clever ideas to put a spark into your lunch time!    I would love for you to share some of your cute ideas or even better- time saving ideas for packing lunches and getting everyone out the door on time!!Lunchbox Pizza
By AFewShortcuts

*Food Faces
By MeaningfulMama

*Lunch Packing Drawer
By 5DollarDinners
(This is a great time saving and organization tip!  I don’t have to pack a kid lunch, but we still have a snack drawer.  It is set up for her with small containers and snack baggies with portioned snacks, as well as cups of applesauce, raisin boxes, etc…  I have a separate snack/lunch basket on the top of the frig. set up for my hubby.  Again, filled with raisins, granola bars, baggies of snacks, etc..  He can just grab and toss in his lunchbox.)


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