This week I am going to be sharing some Freezer Friendly recipes that I have come across, mostly over on my favorite obsession… Pinterest.  :-)   Today we’ll have a few ideas that could be used for lunches.  So easy to make and freeze for future use!  Check them out!
Do you have any Lunch recipes that you make ahead of time and then freeze for easy, future use?  Wanna share with us?Cheesy Ham Biscuits
By OnceaMonthMom
(These are on my To Do List…)


Pizza Bread
By 5DollarDinners


Ham and Cheese Pockets
By AmysFinerThings


DIY Smoothie Packs
By LaceyInLove

Now, which one has inspired you to try it?  Send some in your kids lunch the next day, enjoy a pc. yourself and freeze the rest!

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